Pink Flamingo Publications

  • Mistress Rain

    Victoria West

  • Retaliation

    Jurgen Von Stuka

  • Catherine's Dilemma: Catherine in Love, Book Two

    Tina Gray

  • The Male Concubine

    Chris Bellows

  • Mistress of Shadows

    Leigh Tanner

  • Wendy's Story

    J.A. Smith

  • Her Master's Slut

    Duncan Cusic

  • Julie's Story

    J.A. Smith

  • Over Her Knee... and Beyond

    Peter Moon

  • Subjugated Men


  • Thrall of the Warrior Witch

    Lance Edwards

  • Gagged

    Jurgen Von Stuka

  • The Glass House

    Lizbeth Dusseau

  • The Contract

    Jg Leathers

  • Vanquished Men


  • Captive Women

    Don Julian Winslow

  • Diana

    John Ponder

  • A Dangerous Love Affair

    Colin I. Guest

  • Khanna, The Insatiable

    Sabrina Fox

  • Spiked Heel

    Peter Moon

  • The Abstract Tattoo

    L.J. Frank

  • Deus ex Machina

    Jurgen Von Stuka

  • Lambda House Rules

    Imelda Stark